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Brand framing begins before you formally launch and continues throughout the course of its life. Framing entails the words you use, statements you make, and actions you take on behalf of your brand.

Brand framing is key to success, and it’s what you’ll use to build brand recognition over time.

How can you frame your brand without too much hassle? Well, this depends on whether you’re willing to put the work in early on. If you are, it’ll get easier with time. If you’re not, it’ll be something that either can stress you out easily or will likely have no unity.

If you’re willing to put the time in, you’ll need to consider the following:

  1. What your brand represents
  2. Who your brand will serve
  3. Who your brand will target (your audience)
  4. What words represent your brand
  5. Why your brand is unique
  6. How your brand will help facilitate the fulfillment of your audience’s needs
  7. Your brand name
  8. What colors represent your brand
  9. What your brand will feel like
  10. How your brand logo will look

Once you have defined each of the items above, you’ll be able to push forward much quicker and in a manner that’s both consistent and engaging.

Too often, brand creators are lax about one or more of the above. This results in a disjointed experience that naturally tends to turn customers away.

Focus on the list above to frame your brand for success.

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